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Beijing time June 3rd, O'neal announced his retirement yesterday, and ended his 19 years of brilliant career. As a generation of emperor superstar, O'neal left us countless wonderful moments. O'neal is also a great achievement in sports shoes. This Reebok Shaqnosis, which is nicknamed "the annual ring" by Chinese shoe fans, is the most typical one in O'neal's sneakers. 1996, O'neal's last season in the magic, with his penny Hardaway, he brought the team to the eastern final again. O'neal played against Jordan in this shoe, although he eventually lost the array, but the Shaqnosis under his feet was remembered by countless fans. , the appearance of these shoes, is a circle of "ring", in that time, such a design is absolutely exaggerated and ahead. In science and technology, it uses the Reebok beehive cushion, and the wearability of the outer bottom and the protection of the ankle are also very good. Compared to the same age of Nike shoes, whether it is Air Jordan 11 or Air More Uptempo, Shaqnosis does not fall below the wind. Shaqnosis was sold in two versions in the same year, and the ordinary version was sold for 880 yuan, while another version of the technology was not listed in the country. (responsibility editor: Li Chao) real foot effect is quite bright, silver details on a black background color background is very eye-catching. item: 136064-004 release date: July 19th everyone impression, black Chen Chien-chou in life with optimistic smile plays multiple roles, he is a basketball player, entertainers, deputy team leader, Fubon company boss, is a lovely father of twins. Behind the multiple roles, what people see is his love for basketball, but rarely has the opportunity to understand the life turning point he reborn because of basketball. "Basketball is like an alternative parent," said the black. "It's the ups and downs of my life." He likened life to basketball match. He said, "when people are born, it's like coming to the road. If you can get applause here, everyone applaud for cheap jordans for sale you, that means you have succeeded." , through this close interview, we observed that black people are not only a big boy who is purely fond of sports, but also a fearless smile behind him. He is a fearless setback challenge. He set an example to help young sports kids with their actions. Through the sharing of blacks, we will understand how sports enable him to find himself in childhood and overcome many difficulties, and explore how he can pass the positive life belief to the next generation. originated from the sport enlightenment that dodging the ball black in their primary school period, is a fat and tall boy in front of him, seemingly easily tell when the students suffered ridicule and verbal bullying limb, the fourth grade primary school when parents divorced, living under the reshuffle, from public to private primary school, the students between the rich and the difference academic competition, a black shadow and pressure stage of school-age children. The recollection of black people said, "at that time, I wasn't too good at studying, and the financial condition was not good. After all, I was just a child, and I felt humbled. Only when I was in physical education class, I felt very happy. I remember the first motion picture was playing a dodge ball in primary school. My height was very good. It was also good for losing the ball and the accuracy. And because the dodge ball let the teacher notice, he began to represent the school in the inter school softball throw away competition, and got the fifth place result. From that moment, I suddenly felt that I was at last in the school, and I felt inspired by the sense of existence among classmates. These experiences so that he now had the opportunity to interact with school children, bade the child to others respect and give care, do what they can to reduce bullying situation. a black father who visited his son after a divorce was a recollection of the black treasure. looks back on the Black family background, and it is not difficult to find t Retro jordans for sale hat his love of sports genes originate from his parents. His father was a bodybuilder third in Taiwan, my mother is the first Catholic University Department of physical education students. Black said his father because work is the cabin because of the long, often flying abroad, I met father love took him to the National Taiwan University campus in Taipei, running to climb Xiangshan, or take him to the hospital with his childhood fitness fitness, also exposed, buried between him and the sport. After graduating from primary school, because the first move in Zhongli middle school, after school; item: 742639-045 release date: February 14thAdidas Originals Tubular is combined with Y-3 Qasa and ZX series of shoes, shoes with type Adidas is now pushed a Tubular and ZX 8000: adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost. Thick soles and uppers of the classic style, we can still see some of the characteristics of the prototype shoes, but it is a combination of new shoes. In the design of shoe heel support more comfortable, more stable, in the end the design is added brand technology Boost cushioning materials. adidas-originals-combines-tubular-zx-8000-01.jpg (88.52 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost new shoes 2015-1-8 12:38 upload adidas-originals-combines-tubular-zx-8000-02.jpg (94.86 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost new shoes 2015-1-8 12:38 upload adidas-originals-combines-tubular-zx-8000-03.jpg (120.29 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost new shoes 2015-1-8 12:38 upload adidas-originals-combines-tubular-zx-8000-04.jpg (85.14 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost new shoes 2015-1-8 12:38 upload adidas-originals-combines-tubular-zx-8000-05.jpg (76.86 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Boost new shoes 〈0In the debut this summer at the beginning of the NIKE AIR MAX LUNAR1, the design adopts the seamless structure innovation, has abandoned the original design of s Cheap air jordans for sale plicing blocks, and retains the classic version of the original AIR MAX and widely familiar details. Among the more breathable mesh bring ultra lightweight comfort, and cleverly connecting various parts of AIR MAX LUNAR1. The latest AIR MAX LUNAR1 launched the DELUXE version, the body of the shoe to cater to the arrival of the winter for leather material, while also adding another source for the NIKE AIR SAFARI running shoes stone as a decoration, to create a quite dazzling effect. 699con4.jpg (51.39 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Max Lunar1 Deluxe QS 2014-12-12 16:41 upload Nike 002014 World Cup in Brazil has made the topic around the world gathered in Brazil and football go above, this well-known sports brand NIKE fan will follow this trend has recently launched the Nike 2014 summer "Brazil" series. The fan series for including Lunar Force 1 Jacquard, Blazer Zoom Hi Jacquard, Air Max 97 and Tiempo Zoom Mid 94 Jacquard three double classic shoes, designed from the Brazilian rainforest and Rio stone road in Sao Paulo, to continue its samba Local enthusiasm. Today is definitely a popular choice on the occasion of the World Cup, were overwhelmed in their official store shoes on sale, interested friends do not miss yo.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] no matter from which perspective, New Balance's popularity seems logical. In the past more than two years, "To the Beautiful You," "Secret Garden," "From the stars you" and other popular drama in the male and female will wear a pair of New Balance shoes - which is a consumer brand to He said the market is undoubtedly a natural catalyst. & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, New Balance also catch the wave of China's running. In the Baidu search index "jogging", the number of daily searches from the highest value of 496 in 2011, to the 2014 maximum value of 1330, nearly three times the former. "Foreign experience shows that when per capita GDP more than 15,000 US dollars when jogging will pop up. China's Intern cheap foamposites et development speed will only make this development ahead." New Balance, general manager of China Zhang Hong Wen said. While jogging, it is precisely this "US President shoes" label. The most direct evidence still comes from sales. From 2012 to 2014, the American brand to reach three-digit annual sales growth in mainland China, the number of its stores in China, from 301 in 2011 to grow to more than 1,600 in 2014. Moreover, in the case of the above results is achieved market malaise. According to Euromonitor International Company (Euromonitor) statistics, in 2012 China's sporting goods market was 139 billion yuan, 141.7 billion yuan more than in 2011 also fell by 2 percent --2013 total annual market was only restored to 14 billion yuan . If do not know two years ago, New Balance, this result is hardly surprising. But in fact, in 2011 the New Balance in China is a "hot potato." This is the first half, the rest of Taiwan Zhang Hong Wen received a headhunter calls, asking if he would be interested as New Balance China region general manager. Zhang worked at Nike, New Balance that time he was in China is well aware of the situation -. "Sales have not arrived in stores rent, no dealer is willing to sell the brand, not make any money because" This is the industry's open secret. Experienced a trademark dispute after the 1990s, New Balance in 2003 to return to mainland China through a proxy system, set up the company's own operations. But the product line is too long, marketing a lack of focus, not a scale dealer system, its performance in the Chinese mainland market is not satisfactory. Zhang Hong Wen eventually accepted this opportunity: ". New Balance in China is undervalued brand, I saw an interesting challenge" similar to a 'buy the dips "mentality, save a slump brand natural sense of accomplishment. But the key is where to start, then the New Balance is problematic. Zhang Hong Wen took office just remember that time, because the internal process confusing, even the dealer orders can not be cheap jordans for sale mens entered into the system, in the warehouse can not find corresponding goods. We can say that this brand from the merchandise mix to the inner workings of the organization as well as the design, "all a mess." is in an unbalanced state of New Balance needs to start from scratch. During that period also Zhang Hong Wen and his team the most difficult days, they work every day for more than 10 hours. "So it is not used for 2 years, but with the five years to catch up to." Zhang Hong Wen on the "First Financial Weekly" he said. 2011 ?? after July taking office, Zhang Hong Wen first thing to do is to go around the Chinese "Tour shop." In the meantime, Zhang carefully calculated then 301 stores including New warehouse area Balance, an average area of ??only 63 square meters, and Nike in Shanghai Huaihai Road's flagship store experience, there are 3700 square meters. It is in this area in 63 m2, New Balance to display running, fitness, tennis, training, and other series of products, can not be too much information to consumers to stay clear of the New Balance brand image, market Marketing Resources has therefore been diluted. Zhang Hong Wen decided to cut New Balance in the sale of products 2/3. In the rest of the products, he established a "3 + 1" product development strategy for New Balance in China: the jogging shoes, retro casual jogging series, the Anglo-American production series and children's shoes, and all the marketing and stores all focused resources to these three product line for promotion. This strategy is known as "concentrated great care." "First, I believe Less is more. Second, three years ago, our marketing budget for the whole year may be less than the money spent on certain brands one day, no way four flood control," Zhang Hong Wen said, "We want to come up with the strongest products, the advantages of centralized tell consumers the first year focused on one or two, then slowly expand. "In 2011, Zhang Hong Wen select flagship retro jogging series. The reason at the time to selec Retro jordans for sale t the main retro casual jogging series, Zhang Hong Wen mainly through conventional retail experience to judge. "Trend of sports shoes with young people wearing mainstream quarter lower body has a very great relationship." Zhang Hong Wen said. 2000 popular hip-hop style, big pants is the trend, mated to the appearance of relatively heavy shoes. By 2002 straight jeans became popular, which makes Converse (Converse) the shoes get hot. In 2009, with the fast fashion brand ZARA and UNIQLO in full swing in China, the small tube legs become a new landscape on the street, but with pop elements, but also comfortable to wear New Balance retro casual series has become the preferred collocation . Zhang also used this theory to convince colleagues in the US headquarters: "China's consumers need a big brand products better fabrics, shoe should be simple, New Balance retro leisure series has all these features.." However, the implementation of product changes when Zhang Hong Wen program to channel level Shique encounter great resistance, dealers are "very resistant." New Balance's distribution system was small-scale and scattered, many dealers only one or two stores. If you want a one to convince all, time-consuming and labor-intensive. integrated auto work is imperative. "If a dealer is only open one or two stores, he could not have the financial support in the table do brand management investment." Zhang Hong Wen said. Zhang Hong Wen reference to a series of data, the Chinese city is divided into 22 urban clusters and 28 key cities, we will unify the resources invested in these major cities. Training a distributor only in each region, helping them to expand the scale, form a single dealer system. The advantage of this system is that dealers do not worry there will be vicious competition among each other, you can concentrate on business. "We algorithm adjusts the financial and commodities portfolio, will need to be invested each dealer calculates how many resources can generate a reasonable profit." Zhang cheap jordans online Hong Wen told the "Business Weekly", when the key distributors of size and capacity increases After further development of lower auto - Similar Agriculture "irrigation" theory, in water before planting will take a good, then slowly add the water to the development of regional scale. In the integration process, it is bound to be some small dealers were consolidated situation. "Who is not willing to give up their interest demands," Zhang has long been expected sales background to this case, "in the general direction we want to stick to their principles, but to ensure that dealers have their reasonable profit." several channels carding until 2012. Currently, New Balance in mainland China has four general agent, 26 provincial-level dealers, distributors hands of the average of 70 stores. To add a little water began to dredge the channel sink to the second and third tier cities in Lhasa opened five stores. The company hopes to establish certain volume scale stores in each region, building strong background. To activate a potential brands, rationalize the distribution system is a basic work, the operating system New Balance in China are required to re-constructed. The starting point of this reform is the product configuration. In early 2012 came to New Balance's product director Wang Jianzhi usually manage a combination of items 6-8 season. His early each season 16-18 months and at headquarters to discuss the product color, fabric, need to consider the theme of seasonal products, and to estimate the amount of each SKU based on the overall size of the order. This job needs the accurate data and the popular perception to judge. 2013 ??, New Balance 574 for the first time launched a series of thematic traveler shoes. In bright blue and bright orange on the basis had been selling, Wang Jianzhi boldly introduced a bright green. This is not a high degree of public acceptance of color. But in the final tally sales, this shoe was sold out, both men and women are like. "In fact, consumer acceptance of col Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping or than we thought it would be higher, bolder, and this is the most special place of Chinese consumers." ?????? he said. His mind, just taking into account the summer and green related. together to discuss topics of product for every season, Wang Jianzhi will and colleagues. In addition to the main push in 2013 574 travel home series this year, pushing the main New Balance 580 series street, in product design and mix into the more street elements. In the next two quarters we will also introduce neon series and detective series, enhance product story. The introduction of joint funds is an important attempt shoe brand. "Joint money will help us bring out some of the stories, as well as leading the product direction to go." Wang Jianzhi said. For example, in a season to tell a "camouflage" style, then in addition to seasonal products to sell, New Balance will cooperate with some fashion stores, and from them to bring out a "camouflage" related stories to deepen consumers impression of the product. From product was added to push down 12-16 months, sample New Balance has just done, ?????? team needs this again and headquarters to communicate, to see whether the portfolio needs to be adjusted if there are special needs in China. The New Arrivals 1 year ago, the market began to enter the Ministry to discuss the quarter's specific product marketing plans. After marketing plan determine product was added to the first eight months, New Balance will be the order of the General Assembly to convene and suppliers. After Zhang Hong Wen took office, the auto advance ordering cycle from six months stretched to eight months in advance, this is for the implementation of "demand-driven forecast model" and make adjustments. New Balance's sales and product teams will be based market consulting, the number of stores, the number of the next shop, the future projected an increase, for each area of ??each store forecast for the next 18 months, sales of the product under the recommended dealer season combinations and orde cheap jordan shoes for men r quantity. "general pattern is Push mode, according to Yahuo performance. Our approach is considered not recommended to buy. Inventory is to promote retail sales of engines, but the wrong stock is poison," Zhang Hong Wen said, "so you can to everyone's thoughts focus on market operations. The real benefit does not depend on the rebate, but by day store operations and reasonable sales mix comes. "Currently, New Balance" demand-driven forecast model "has been implemented to provincial agencies, is expected to be implemented in 2015 to second-tier and third-tier cities. In fact, other sports brands are also running a similar system, but still there will be inventory problems. In contrast, sales of New Balance's estimates tend to be conservative. "Passion grow like Lord of the Rings, he took it to wear down. To reasonable growth," Zhang said, "We are a private enterprise, it can be relatively calmly walk at their own pace." In the end, it is a very crucial step is to sell the store terminals. New Balance from 2013 launched "quasi Direct Mode." New Balance has more than 60 outlets, but it also hopes that each dealer stores are run like the same outlets. Because sales can not simultaneously view more than 1,600 stores, so New Balance stores are made to each of a iPad, which stores display contents include provisions to promote the latest marketing story of the day's sales data stores, so that headquarters and stores in a timely manner two-way communication. "We want to make the store feel that they are not the auto shop, but the outlets, so that consumers can have a good experience to shop." Zhang Hong Wen said. New Balance in the consumer's mind pondering consuming too many. This alone catalytic popular drama is not enough. To promote the theme of the summer to travel shoes, marketing team hired the popular blogger cat force poor travel network in the filming of a travel-themed short films, in this film than 2 minutes in, cat power attitude about his trip. "I still can not tell the significance of Cheap air jordan 12 ovo the so-called traveling, I only know that I am very curious about each other and the world." "Just start, you will not meet me again the same." And this is precisely the moment 80, 90 After traveling for young voices. "Today is not the era of consumer control brand consumers prefer what is most important. A brand needs to own content and consumer preferences combined, according to consumer preferences make or an information value and entertainment value, or can cause the contents of the idea or emotional resonance. "Chang Jiang, director of marketing New Balance China, told the" Business Weekly. " For the marketing team, a good marketing ideas can be transformed into a business, they planned marketing program hopes to first arouse consumer interest and recognition to help spread, and then brought back consumer purchasing To. 574 primary colors series are New Balance (New Balance) Leisure jogging series of hot money, the main youth market, the shoe brand is a "recruiter" role, I hope this is the first young people to buy Double New Balance. With product positioning, New Balance to the "youth will never fade, as the 574 primary colors" as the theme launched a series of micro-video, tells the love story of two young people in May this year launched three primary Shylock chapter of micro movies. Watson Sherlock let his girlfriend wearing white clothes standing in front of a white wall, the projector's image constantly changing Actress Sherlock wearing clothes, while Sherlock foot New Balance shoes but it is always the same pair 574 gray. This micro-film micro-channel through the dissemination of the final realization of more than 12 million times the amount of viewing, in addition to hit young consumers love, sympathy, also highlights New Balance products easy with nature - the key is to stimulate the consumer buying impulses. "Look at some of the comments and feedback microblogging and micro-letters on the desire to stimulate the purchase of this goal is achieved." jogging in the retro series, 574,996, and 580 are New Balance's three main push series. How to strengthen each of the series of style, increase repeat purchase rate of consumers has become a new topic Jiang Chang where a marketing team. They decided based on product design and positioning to different series affix different labels, from network marketing to design clothing with fashion magazines have carried out a personalized design. Market hopes to improve communication through repeated consumer market for these three series of discrimination, to increase the chances of the consumer repeat purchase. New Balance also hopes to strengthen consumer brand preferences, not only because of the appearance of the product to decide whether to buy, but through brand stick consumers. Film Just a few months ago, at the micro-channel circle of friends, one called "To ingenuity" again brush screen, according to background statistics, the number of complete watch this film within a month reached 1.3 million times. This is the New Balance in order to promote Anglo-American production series do digital marketing. New Balance is the world's very few factories still in Britain and the United States reserved the sports brand in the UK and the United States produced shoes are called the Anglo-American production series. Some of the old master did in there for 30 years, the annual output of the plant is also very small. 2013 end of the year, through a friend's introduction Zhang Hong Wen and Chinese music musician Jonathan Lee met, and he chatted about the focus manually New Balance brand spirit. This is Jonathan Lee's ideas coincide. Jonathan Lee has always insisted on doing his own acoustic guitar, because he believed that Chinese music should have their own brand of guitar. Jonathan Lee promised Zhang Hong Wen's invitation: "Let us work together to bring young consumers some positive things." New Balance sneakers and American manufacturing continue to appear in the film, no slogan interspersed sneakers technology and design of publicity, but Jonathan Lee surgeon wrote his own lines touched a lot of people: "focus on doing something worthy of at least a time years, the other on the left time to say. "It also emphasizes the artisan spirit and brand are very consistent. "Next, we will have several market communication will be launched. One is content first, so that consumers become our media. The second is to create a consumer experience and the unexpected scene. Three is gradually strengthening brand of style and features. "Chang Jiang said. More than two years remodeling process is not everything smoothly. As a gene with a jogging sneakers brand in China, New Balance is true that caught the running boom, but their professional running series has been double whammy - Nike, Adidas and other popular brand sports shoes, as well as Asics, Mizuno such small all the running shoe brand is also on the same runway, and, in the Chinese market, and not as rivals detours like New Balance. New Balance select Cut from different angles. "China is just emerging running hot, we also need to cultivate. Both need to accompany the early runners grow together, helping them to develop the habit of running fixed, generate closeness of the brand, but also need to reflect the strong brand heritage jogging, taking into account the relevance and expertise. In this regard, we should learn a lot of brands. "Chang Jiang said. 2014 ??, New Balance jogging series on China invested more resources, such as sponsoring Color Run this low threshold and high interest, high sense of participation for the early runners running events, and began to build for advanced runners The 6 km hero run. Meanwhile, the company also launched a "champion disciple" marketing campaign, with world champion Jenny Simpson for urban runners Chao counseling, strengthen its close to the consumer image. But in the minds of Chinese consumers, New Balance is more like a somewhat "boom" of casual shoes, "wearing very comfortable to walk," rather than one pair of professional running shoes. In many amateur marathon lap, the preferred running enthusiasts are Asics and Mizuno, for newly recruited group of runners, they will usually recommend Nike. "brand recognition, once established, then change into the select set the difficulty consumers have in the promotion level, to provide professional endorsement, New Balance is doing more in recent years to promote the sport casual way, In the appeal is a way of life, "CEO sports consulting firm key way of Zhang told the" Business Weekly "," but with the rise of the professional runners, and now they pushed the professional running series not too late. " China's destined to be more professional runners, New Balance must also be more emphasis on its technical content and expertise on its professional jogging shoes. this year, New Balance launched a professional jogging money with Fresh Foam technology. "This technology will give consumers more comfort and protection for consumers every day ready to run closer to the needs of consumers." Wang Han Jia product director responsible for New Balance jogging and clothing accessories category said. In the future, New Balance must seize this market. "After some of our professional running shoes, do not use the model with the name, some new products to market next year, will try a new product model." Wang Han Jia said. To achieve sustained growth, the future of New Balance intend to sink deeper channels and broaden the category, clothing, women's market, accessories are New Balance new goals. New Balance is currently only covered 300 cities, the future Zhang Hong Wen hopes it can reach more cities to reach more consumers. "We only think about how to run a good brand. China's sports participation rate is not high, there is still much room for the future." Zhang Hong Wen said. distance between China, New Balance and Nike sports brand boss is not small, this is activated before the brand is a long runway. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: St. Enxi shoes)