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Street joint /510 Skate Shop x Nike SB Dunk High is now listed : Skateboarding, a skateboard shop from California, recently teamed up with Nike to launch a joint Nike SB Dunk High. The body of the shoe by green camouflage crafted, orange collocation details and rubber sole. The green camouflage shoes are full of street flavor. I wonder if these SB Dunk High can touch you? source: Dragon seven Ewing Athletics in February, the sale of shoes in cash, physical map, reward all white legend / Adidas Jabbar Hi, "White" color review on an article: Ewing Athletics February sale of shoes in the physical map of the next prize: white legend / Adidas Jabbar Hi "White" color Japan shoes name Mita sneakers recently again with old friend Reebok launched joint projects. The two sides this time choice was born in 1984 1 Classic Phase Pro as the prototype, inspired by the old tennis racket, so the shade of wood is coated on the shoes, toe cap collocation grey suede and rice white in the bottom to create a retro atmosphere, and on the tongue and shoe pad can also be seen on both sides joint Logo. Priced at $$120, the joint Phase 1 Pro will be launched on June 25th at each major Reebok Certified Network designated store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, Cheap air jordans for sale on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes The latest Air Zoom /〉 Nike 〈br kd9="" "pre-heat"="" at="" the="" beginning="" of="" next="" month="" on="" first="" two="" color="" hair,="" nike="" kd="" 9="" new="" design="" "oreo" Nike: a comment on the latest Air Zoom KD9 "PRE-HEAT" first on a next month at the beginning of double color hair, Nike KD 9 new color design of "Oreo"as a witness Tracy McGrady 35 seconds 13 minutes of a member, that act seems to be forever branded in the heart, even after ten years, the aftertaste is still quite enjoyable. platinum version of T-Mac shoes, Xiaobian favorite of the original Asian commemoration of the 5 generation, but in the sight of this pair of T-Mac 4 seems to have changed slightly. The 4 generation to snowshoe latching HUG system design, and the reference line, so that the automobile exhaust hole like will Cheap air jordan 12 ovo be followed by TPU. The sticker on the "DO NOT WEAR WITH LEAVER OPEN" is impressive and represents "don't open the retaining ring" when you're wearing it. T-Mac 4 is full of personal features of McGrady in its overall design, but it is finally reduced due to durability and weight problems. despite all this, T-Mac 4 still accompanied McGrady into the crazy scoring realm. As the years wore on, many of the focus went back to McGrady, and everyone was hoping that the former scorer would be able to return to the NBA. 'I, have, no, plans, coming, back, to, NBA., I, m, a, happily, man., Always, appreciate, the, love, you, all, give, but, retired, my, playing, days, are, on, no, more., Onto, other, ventures., the, " wants to think about it, but McGrady himself is enjoying retirement right now Besides! At least we can go back to the old Tracy McGrady with shoes. 7_zps48abf6f67_zps48abf6f6 8_zpsc50332c68_zpsc50332c6 6_zpsfd6a79db6_zpsfd6a79db 5_zps7870fc9e5_zps7870fc9e source: PICSOLEJordan Brand of the F2F series can be said to be a series of development in recent years is quite good, in a short time on the launch of the third generation, each generation of evolution can be said to be very obvious, the bottom for the design and the edges of the ankle is very clear, can see this pair is a high performance cheap jordan shoes for men the actual type of shoes, and the upper part is reminiscent of the AJ 5 plus side plate, also looking forward to? Jordan and Brand members on the pitch wearing it Benz?, the launch is really grey introverted very low-key, I believe there will be more color debut! ! source: sneakernews?NikeWomen produced "vs Indoorswoman" is a fitness freak to stimulate sports enthusiasts "to praise" the original album, with personal growth and self motivation as the main content. NikeWomen Kerri, vice president of global brand marketing Hoyt-Pack said: "this includes a series of emotion and life experience, from confidence to self doubt, these are women will experience in sports and fitness in the process." Only for the more like "does not mean that we must complete a mission impossible, but the courage to challenge, personal breakthrough limit, as in the album, and Lili. "." , a 24 year old sister Margot, was fired after a pair of sisters spent her new year home to celebrate her family reunion, while her 22 year old sister Lily, the LilyNinja Youtube fitness channel, was becoming more and more popular in. Lili and Margaret love fitness, fitness of almost no interest, but social networking is very extensive. On New Year's Eve, the sisters came up and made a bet with each other. Know what is a bet? Who is going to win the cheap foamposites game? Since February 23rd, the album will be released every Tuesday, four, at V=YJZoBnfDwbo? NikeWomen launch of the original album "vs" Indoorswoman fitness fanatic full chase drama Raiders, including the story behind the scenes, the production team, Star Sports and fitness products etc.. With the expansion of the eight album, you can go to for more detailed information. After Reebok this year has engraved Iverson, Camp and O'Neill's boots, the plan also began preparations for the next year, the Glenn is? Robinson used in the 1996 season? Reebok The Rail?, this pair of? Glenn Robinson's first personal signature shoe, the engraved is the stag team color that year, is expected to be listed in January 31st next year, love friends please pay close attention to the following more information. source: solecollector? British female designer? Stella McCartney partnered with Adidas since 2004, the color and the environmental awareness of the energetic work, open new girls fashion movement, while the StellaSpor branch is also the topic, like winter 2016 invited supermodel Karlie Kloss served as ambassador, or the other day: UltraBOOST X? High, chengtuo spirit with the amazing show. Winter 2017 launch of the four theme, explore the world of cheap jordans for sale sports, and for different areas, site design, the process will inevitably have interruptions or impromptu to move your body of thought, in the dynamic between free conversion is Stella by the pursuit of the shoes of the season launched X, Yvori Runner, including Aleki. Adidas StellaSport 2017 winter and autumn merchandise has been on sale in since June 1st. Be as bold as your prints as The sky with an energy stamp? 's the limit Collecting memories sky high limit and stamp collection memories reminiscent of Stella McCartney Superhero Warming winter wears unique dress warm winter clothes source: adidas sports brand PUMA has been active in and around the world famous designer brand joint cooperation, to have a strong design style, love sports and fashion will subvert the fusion of PUMA, each issued a joint exercise and always set off the trend circle commotion. At the beginning of this year, PUMA global brand spokesperson and creative director Rihanna dressed in a full Camo down jacket photos outflow, PUMA cooperation with BAPE related news spread like wildfire, causing concern immediately. Then PUMA in November 20th officially released the joint, a full range of product design for spindle to BAPE classic Camo to this special invitation to Italy football star Mario Balotelli in image shoo cheap jordans online ting, he will look through any wild PUMA X BAPE camouflage soul show most incisive. Japanese brand BAPE? Was founded in 1993, founder and chief designer NIGO? Nagao Zhimin from the movie "planet of the apes" (Planet of the Apes 1996) inspired and named after the representative assembly and the world trend of its unique brand logo and classic ape Camo has been regarded as the streets of japan. In the BAPE this season and PUMA joint enterprises in the camouflage of totem in the one and only three classic retro shoes Disc Blaze Blaze, of Glory and R698 BAPE, in addition to the classic clump of green camouflage, also launched a low-key Black Camo design, let the whole series of products more perfect integration. in the joint apparel design, both with Camo and soccer jerseys, launched FC BAPE? Series, full product contains from Jersey, shorts, jackets, from football coaches and players dressed in costume design inspiration, a bundle on green and black classic Camo. The athletes show unique arrogant domineering. In addition to the visual design of bright eye-catching, in the clothing in the details of BAPE was also added to many ideas, like the cuffs, reflective PVC coat cuff elastic design, emphasizes the design and function of both PUMA attaches great importance to the spirit of the brand. The full range of cheap jordans for sale mens PUMA X BAPE products will be available for sale on December 12th at PUMA limited worldwide, and Taiwan stores will be sold as follows: (02) 8751-5160. in New Balance 247 Luxe January 7th global synchronization offering, the brand is also specially selected in seven cities, 24 hours relay held seven celebration party, to the world to pass life in 247 attitude towards life. Taiwan New Balance is to bring local life energy into existing sound, especially in collaboration with singer Crowd Lu, by his trip around the island and in the journey to collect inspiration for New Balance 247 to create the original single, this let us review last week in the seven events all over the world, then this Sunday (1/15) prepare for the 247 song of the arrival of Crowd Lu I will personally appear in the Huashan Art Park, and draw out the lucky ones can get NB 247 shoes (please click on the link), activities will start at 2:00 pm, if you have time to be can meet together to the scene to appreciate this first song NB 247. seven city relay 24 hours to celebrate New York Jeff Carvalho, New York invited artist Buff Monster, editor of Highsnobiety WGSN Sara Radin, DJ music editor Clark Kent and custom shoes division Mache et al., art and shoes as to launch by the end of the party. The New York born two, Fabolous sang hip-hop singer Retro jordans for sale Jadakiss. Losangeles is also a forum in the form of shoes, a combination of art and music activities in Allie Phol, Brian Dead, artist Kyle NG, Tyree Dillihay, designer Highsnobiety Deleon, editor of Jian The Shoe Surgeon custom shoes division and others are invited to attend. The scene has 360 degrees of landscape photos of the service, you can later add to the background of other cities around the world, as if in a different place, the fun experience. London with the lens to London, especially here in the New Balance Luxe published 247 activities with dinner held together, plus the Live Show music experience, 247 want to transfer the life philosophy in the comfortable and delighted atmosphere. ParisFrench slow pace of life with New Balance condensed into 247 Luxe activities, holding a drink while visiting, the atmosphere is quite comfortable, the official broadcast film also photographed the scene with similar holiday market stalls, this is too easy (laugh)! 24h/24., 7j/7., Vivez, Le, lancem〉Nike Kobe XI Elite ID earlier without warning the new 'Multi Knit' style for blending knitting uppers, beautiful appearance whether for sale or customized service, has always been popular elements, and the Nike Kobe series from the nine generation to start using Flyknit technology, this year will also Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping launch options to meet the shoes fans, even on the line not long after the end of the sale of the situation, the heat is remarkable. This time close to the full version of the NIKEiD in the form of accepting orders made, although after the segment part is stitching a black fabric, if you are very concerned about the overall color of the same person that may have some limitation in the deployment, depending on how you choose and sway creativity! Nike Kobe, XI, Elite, iD, Multi, Knit, NIKEiD are priced at $245 (depending on the midsole shock matching module), and interested candidates can now place orders with them. If you have any questions about the way to order, you can refer to the NIKEiD simple teaching procedure in the station. source: NIKEiDIn both the comfort, performance and appearance of a century brand NEW BALANCE running shoes because the trend in recent years under a number of current trends circle icon behind became the most fiery brand. This year's spring series continues the function and fashion design, which encompasses 574-1300 variety of classic models, such as the preparation for the Olympics in London "ROAD To London" series, 574 series of colorful, highly popular in recent years, 1300CL, also to break the routine of New Balance 2012 Pro Court retro tennis shoes, which you can buy at Kit Retro jordans for sale h NYC website. Source: Ronnie Fieg& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; may lose next year Reebok franchises face a huge backlog of millions of dollars in goods loss "I now see the acquaintance asked their size, give away sets Reebok in the past, whatever the outcome, to be human, otherwise 1.7 million yuan of clothes, shoes in another 20 days to become waste. "Rui Bo, general manager of Nantong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. Yu Bin said with a wry smile. Including his three Reebok dealers, yesterday an official with the Shanghai Yue Pa (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (Reebok's general agent in China) carried out two hours of negotiations, vowed to their backlog of several one million yuan of goods, invested several hundred million yuan in fixed assets have a say. Adidas acquisition of Reebok sales channels for reconstruction, will probably make them lose Reebok franchises next year. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China distributor for the acquisition of pay & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last year, the price Adidas $ 4 billion acquisition of Reebok. After a long transition period of one year and a half, Reebok's trademark rights in China from January 1, 2007 will go all Adidas. Reebok CEO Paul when new interview with Chinese media last month, also said the merger of Reebok distribution rights will revert to the original. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, China's part of the small dealers are accused of Adidas, Reebok During the transition period, on the one hand to encourage them to order, store expansion, on the one hand brought them out of the 2007 In the list of dealers, in fact, so that China's auto adjust for the merger of two famous bill. upper Reebok has yet to reply The dealer said that the two major international brands as various improper has caused them heavy losses. Yu Bin said its inventory up to 220 million, although these days have a lot of low-priced sale, but there are still more than 170 million can not be clearing inventory. At the same time, he also opened two new stores will be closed only six months. Chairman of Yancheng Guozheng Wang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chi is bitter: "Last year is the value of brand reputation Reebok International, only willing to borrow from relatives, loans to credit unions, Reebok opened its first store in Yancheng. Now booing, a few million dollars of goods can not be sold nor retreat, hide debt next year in addition to what I would do? " Tianjin Reebok dealers Wu Xiuyan yesterday to the Morning News said they could not accept a new dealer out of the conditions, but did not give a definite date Reebok upper document must not continue to sell in 2007, so now is still in the stage of stalemate and see. Adidas says the dispute has nothing to do Yue Ba (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd Marketing Miss Zhang yesterday on behalf of the Reebok brand, said specific challenge for dealers currently unable give the exact answer. But she stressed that the relevant dealers and Reebok brands relevant agreement will expire at the end of the year, as this qualification can continue next year, Adidas will be made to respond, but Adidas has not yet confirmed any Chinese regional distributors. The next year will represent the brand Adidas, Reebok responsible for the Eastern Region business, Mr. Wu said that from next year, Adidas will take over the relevant brand, now all disputes are nothing to do with Adidas. some dealers questioned three Question one: not entirely the obligation? Yubin Deng dealer said, do not give in to the power of attorney on the issue next year, Adidas and Reebok have not fulfilled this obligation. It began to merge the two brands have more than a year, but in July and October this year, two orders at the Reebok, but publicly said it would not deprive its mandate in 2007, and even let them down next year and second quarters orders, leading dealers to continue to expand investment. Then a phone call to tell them not to renew, which obviously did not give them enough warning business information, is & quot; & quot ;. intentional deception Second question: Processing product goods & quot; not as & quot ;? Yubin Deng dealers said, really can not do so, they are also willing to store, goods, brand new props transferred Reebok dealers next year, but it must be carried out in accordance with the consultation on an equal way, and Adidas and Reebok should draw play a coordinating role. so difficult for them to accept that two major international brands have always & quot; no & quot ;, as even & quot; business merger & quot; do not recognize this basic principle, but stressed that the new dealer will & quot; Help & quot; them. In such a case, they and Reebok new distributors next year simply can not get on an equal footing, will certainly suffer a great loss. Question three: unequal cooperation is & quot; routine & quot ;? Wang Zhi said that the jump Pa relied Reebok is an international brand, in the conventional cooperation has always been a commanding position, press the small dealers. He told reporters produced a "reseller agreement supplementary agreement" shows, Pa jump to Yancheng country is the first purchase target of 300,000 yuan. He said: & quot; goods designated by the jump, but the unilateral hegemony, so are the 300,000 yuan exchange to sell goods. & Quot;